12 Days of Christmas Landing Page Ideas

12 Days of Christmas Marketing Ideas

There are 15 days until Christmas and that means there’s still time to make a holiday marketing plan. My previous client campaigns to promote your items to your customers are a great resource!

The Twelve Days of Christmas campaign 2012 for Paula & Chlo was so fun and colorful! I helped her come up with the best products to promote and how to present them for each one of the daily deals. There were also coordinating email newsletters that went out daily to remind her customers of the daily deals. This campaign consisted of a website landing page with flip calendar numbers and multiple marketing images.

12 Days of Christmas

Next, a 12 Days of Surprises Campaign at Paula & Chlo. This consisted of a responsive website landing page with hover boxes that were activated for each daily deal. There were also coordinating marketing emails, homepage graphics, social marketing media graphics

12 Days of Christmas Surprises

This 12 Days of Giving campaign was a fun one to design and code. It consisted of a responsive landing page with circle coin flip offers for each day. Each circle when hovered on revealed a new deal and link to the product or category to shop. I made a super cute and fun holiday vector background in Illustrator.

12 Days of Giving

These are fantastic ideas for a 12 Days of Christmas or 12 Days of Giving campaign for an online retail shop. If you’re short on time or don’t have that many promotions to offer, you could certainly drop some days off and make it a “7 Days of Giving” or “5 Days of Deals” promotion. There’s no hard and fast rule about how many days you need to have a sale for during the holidays. But, from experience, customers expect coupons and deep discounts throughout the whole shopping season until right after the new year.

Christmas Sale Collage Graphics

Another great way to market your holiday sale prices and products to your customer is with marketing graphics. If you don’t have time for the landing page or big plan, make graphics. A grouping of products with a holiday theme placed in a newsletter or social media post will work too!

Hire Me to Make Your Next Marketing Plan

Clients can hire me  to help plan your holiday or any other time of the year marketing plan. I will consult with you about your business needs, what products you’re selling, the sales you’ve previously ran, keyword research, graphic design, landing page coding and optimization, web graphics, email newsletter creation and graphics and social media graphics and post planning. Contact Me if you’d like to start your own marketing plan for promoting your discounts, sales and products!





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