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Stephanie Fredrickson

Owner and Creative Director of Design Edit Studio, LLC. Front End Web Developer & Graphic Designer.

I design and code beautiful, functional websites for small business owners, boutique shops and startups. In 2007, I left the world of retail management to focus on web and graphic design. When many web designers were using canned programs to make cookie-cutter web pages, I dedicated myself to create web and graphic designs that exceed my customers’ expectations.

My Mission is to understand the unique needs of each of my clients and to help them achieve their business goals. Listening to each client is the main priority; Where they have been, what successes they have had (as well as the failures), where they want to take their business and what customers they want to reach. Some clients want to develop a web-based business from the ground up. Others want to take their current online business to the next level. Whatever the situation, you will never be “just a number” to me. 

Whether you need a full custom online shop developed, a landing page for converting customers to buyers or a one page business site, I can code what you need. I care about your ideas and dreams for your business and helping you achieve your goals!