How Reducing Options Can Increase Your Conversions

Are you offering too many product options on your site for your customers or too many options on a contact form? This handy infographic gives you the low-down on how many options you should be offering. I always like to keep things simple, so I would be on the side of offering less options. What do you think? How many options would you offer your customers? Image Source:  

PrestaShop v1.6 Will Soon Be Here!

I’m really excited that the progress on PrestaShop v1.6 is going so well! It’s almost ready to be used on a live shop! The best features are the new default theme and the newly re-designed back office. Introducing PrestaShop 1.6 from PrestaShop on Vimeo.    

Fix for Prestashop SSL Problem After Upgrade

If you’ve recently upgraded your Prestashop site to the newest version PrestaShop™ and noticed you have an SSL error on your secure pages. This is the QUICK fix to get that working properly. I can’t tell you how much I love Prestashop! BUT, there are always a few quirks when upgrading. The only little thing I found this time upgrading an SSL error. My logo wouldn’t show in SSL. It would say that my page is…

Help For Facebook Images 20% Text Rule

How many times have you uploaded a promotional graphic to Facebook and boosted your post only to find out later the post wasn’t approved. You’re wasting time promoting something you think is actually reaching people. Facebook requires you to have no more than 20% text in your ad or photo. Here’s a quick and easy tool I found at 20% Rule. Just upload your photo and it will tell you what percentage of your photo…

Freebie Printable Blog Post Planner

Get inspired with a FREEBIE blog post planner printable. Say that 5 times fast! Just download, print and start the new year off with all those blog posts you’ve been meaning to write.   [gtbutton link=”” target=”_blank” size=”hg”]Click to Download Printable[/gtbutton]  

Happy New Year

The ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts & the Romans made a promise to the God Janus (named for the month of January). Every period in time, a civilization used the new year to make some type of promise to a God, deity or themselves. Most people (like me) resolve to eat better, workout 5 times a week, lose weight,…

Getting Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are rapidly approaching and we are busy, busy, busy. We are currently devoting time to finishing up projects with current clients and are not accepting new clients until January 2014. If you have questions or would like to book consultation, please Contact Us.