Custom Boutique Illustrations and Graphics

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Boutique Illustrations

Custom Boutique Illustrations and Graphics can add a touch of cuteness and fun to any website or social media post. I offer custom packaging illustrations, character illustrations, animals, essential oil bottles and more. I have been drawing cute characters since 2008 and have loved every moment of it. I was one of the original cute boutique illustrators. When my business first started back in 2007, it was called Sweet Boutique Design. I have since changed my business name to Design Edit Studio, LLC because my business grew and changed and I wasn’t the cutesy template maker for template shops and eBay anymore. But, I loved making those templates for the mom and pop shops and the cute, fun and girly graphics that went with it.

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy bottles illustrations
Essential Oil and Aromatherapy bottles illustrations

I have been going through all my extra extra backups. When you’re a web developer, 1 backup is none, 2 is 1 and 3 is 2. I have a MANY backups. No joke, I collect and collect files and make new ones and forget about them. I found a ton of my old work and decided how fun it would be to bring back and update a lot of it the illustrations. I have a so many cute girly characters, animals, cards, etc. I will have a new shop on my site soon where you will be able to order premade logos, branding kits, business cards, my fun illustrations as well as custom illustrations.

Graphics from Sweet Boutique Design
Graphics from Sweet Boutique Design ©2007-2009

Custom Boutique Illustrations and Graphics by Design Edit Studio

Above is a cute and girly set of illustrations I drew 9 year ago. Cupcakes, turtles and babies are just so much fun to draw! And below are the cute woman and girls I drew in 2009. The 2 little girls in the picture below are based off of my two lovely daughters that were 3 and 8 at the time. I wish I looked like the girl in the picture, I guess my woman illustrations are always wishful thinking on what I think I look like. Or maybe it’s me in an alternate universe 😀

Woman, Girl and Baby Illustration from 2009
Woman, Girl and Baby Illustration

Recently, a project for one of good friends Melinda, inspired me to create a set of essential oil bottles. I have a preference my essential oils, but I’m not selling those here, just the cool graphics of whatever you love to promote or use. Coming soon in my new shop, I’ll have premade business cards for dōTERRA and Young Living reps. Choices will be available for background, colors and bottles and have a semi custom downloadable file to get printed at vista print or any other printer of choice. I’m totally flexible and can make a file up for literally any printing company you choose. If you have a local one, which a lot of my clients do or you like the online ones. I will have 1 or 2 side cards with lots of customization choices.

Custom dōTERRA wellness advocate business card design
Custom dōTERRA wellness advocate business card design


I am also designing, drawing and making up downloadable marketing packages for any business whether you’re an essential oil rep, aromatherapist, retail clothing store, jewelry store, candle shop, body care shop and more. So, I have a lot of new products coming soon and a revamp of the oldies but goodies.

I can design any type of illustration for a Facebook cover image, twitter cover, google+ cover, website homepage graphics, etc.

Facebook cover photo with a girly illustration
Facebook cover photo with a girly illustration
Online shop homepage graphic with illustrated aromatherapy bottles
Online shop homepage graphic with illustrated aromatherapy bottles

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