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Research & Planning

Just as you were planning to build your dream home, you would want to make sure the architect understood all your wants and needs. No single house plan is perfect for every family, so why would you settle for less in your website? As your web design, we involve you early and often in the design process. Part of learning about your needs is completing a questionnaire that we will send you. This will help us develop a concept for your site (and help us understand the direction you would like to go with your site re-design) as well as allow us to put together a cost estimate for your project, which you will receive in the form of a proposal. If you chose to accept the proposal, just sign the contract, make a deposit and we will kick off your project on an agreed time frame.

Design & Development

Once your project is kicked off, the real fun begins and we get to be creative. We will reconfirm your wants and needs and gather some detailed information from you about what your new site needs to look like and what functions it’s to have. We’ll take all your input to develop the first draft of your new site. You will review this draft, let us know what you like and what we still need to improve. We may go through this loop of fine tuning several times, but that is fine: we want you to get the site you always wanted.

Test & Deploy

You are getting close to the finish line, but some final quality checks are in order first. We will put your design through our rigorous, proven testing process to ensure full functionality across all modern browsers and mobile devices. Now you are ready for the most exciting part of all, your new website to go live. We will make sure your new website is just what you wanted and we will launch your new site to the world!

Maintain & Promote

Congratulations on your new site! At this point you can chose to keep your site current and fresh on your own, or we will be glad to keep the relationship going, helping you in some ways you probably already know about and some you may not. You can hire us to not only keep your site current from a technical standpoint, but we can help you take your business to the next level with:Print Design, Brand Building, Blog Post Planning, New Graphics, Social Media Marketing, Retail Promotion Planning, Email Marketing, Goal Setting, Website Maintenance, Product Upload, Lookbooks, Custom Landing Pages and Product Photo Enhancements.