Fix for Prestashop SSL Problem After Upgrade

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Prestashop 1.5

If you’ve recently upgraded your Prestashop site to the newest version PrestaShop™ and noticed you have an SSL error on your secure pages. This is the QUICK fix to get that working properly.

ssl fix on prestashop

I can’t tell you how much I love Prestashop! BUT, there are always a few quirks when upgrading. The only little thing I found this time upgrading an SSL error. My logo wouldn’t show in SSL. It would say that my page is not secure. So, here’s a SUPER quick fix to make the logo show as secure and it’s only one line that needs to be changed in classes/Link.php.

CLICK HERE FOR THE FIX on GitHub and you’ll see which line needs to be changed out. This solves the problem with the logo not displaying in SSL when you go to an SSL secure page in the shop.

PS – Don’t attempt this unless you are familiar with Prestashop files and have backed up your site! AND, I didn’t write this fix on GitHub, I searched for, found and used this fix on 2 different sites that had this problem and it solved my problem.


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